14 JUILLET, the new eau de parfum from Bastille

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Natural eau de parfum 14 Juillet format 100ml - Bastille Parfums

A new olfactory chapter opens with our new eau de parfum, 14 JUILLET. A smoky amber scent that captures the spirit of Bastille day.
Like fireworks, 14 JUILLET develops a memorable, luminous and universal trail, an anthem to the joy of shared moments and values.
A creation by Meabh Mc Curtin (IFF) mixing tangy tangerine, unique fireworks accord and Madagascar vanilla.



Every day is a party!

14 JUILLET is much more than a date. It is the echo of a French art of living, a timeless ode to the joy of living, union and freedom.
This perfume is not limited to a moment or a place, it embodies the spirit of French celebration, this "French Touch" which resonates from the streets of Paris to the villages of the countryside, a fragrant tribute to elegance, to the conviviality and spontaneity that characterize France.

14 JUILLET is an invitation to embrace freedom and joy , at any time and in any season, capturing the essence of being together and celebrating life the French way, every day of the year. 14 JUILLET, every day is a celebration.

An explosive and captivating composition

Natural eau de parfum 14 Juillet format 100ml - Bastille Parfums

A luminous and sunny creation that starts with the tangy brilliance of tangerine, amplified by the extra brightness of blackcurrant, which, like fireworks, sparkles and illuminates the entire fragrance. An impression reinforced by the particularly atypical and distinguished smokiness of a unique “fireworks” accord.
This laughing energy warms up with the amber intensity of labdanum, the captivating cinnamon and violet leaves.
And vanilla enters the game and becomes the master! Undeniably dazzling, infinitely comforting, divinely enveloping, its trail, a source of enchantment, conquers hearts and souls.

A perfume by Meabh Mc Curtin

Meabh McCurtin
Meabh Mc Curtin , perfumer at IFF, is known for her ability to capture the essence of nature and emotions through her creations. Curious and contemplative, she is inspired by the marine smells of her childhood in Ireland, the vast grassy expanses, and the travels that shaped her. She enjoys the challenge of creating modern and contrasting perfumes.


For 14 JUILLET, she wanted to create a surprise by combining the fireworks accord with Madagascar vanilla. She describes this scent as fiery, joyful and addictive, reflecting the joy and wonder of France's Bastille Day celebrations.

A unique fireworks agreement

Meabh Mc Curtin worked around slightly smoky, leathery, slightly sulfury notes, inspired by a match that strikes. A warm rubber side combined with a caramel side enhance this accord to convey the funfair effect inseparable from fireworks in its spirit. Behind this alloy of sulphurous notes, it is the smell of gunpowder or sparks which intoxicates until it plunges the mind into the heart of celebration, joy and freedom.

A Fair for Life certified vanilla


LMR vanilla (Laboratoire Monique Rémy) is organic. It has received Fair for Life (FFL) certification, recognized as a reference label for its high standards in agricultural production, fair trade and social responsibility. This certification certifies the application of good working conditions for actors in the supply chain, promotes fair trade by ensuring that producers receive fair prices for their products in order to be able to invest in their community and develop their production activities. sustainable way. It validates good social and environmental practices in terms of transparency and sustainability of the collection network, allowing consumers to know where their products come from and how they were produced.

A case inspired by history

Each of our perfumes tells a story through the color of its case. For 14 JUILLET, the choice of oxidized bronze color is inspired by the July Column, erected in homage to the Three Glorious Days of the French Revolution. An inspiring symbol which was obvious for the choice of the color of the case.

Test it at home before buying it

With our sample box , try 14 Juillet at home through an astonishing guided experience. We explain how to smell them, apply them, and share their manufacturing secrets.

You will then receive a voucher of €30 to order 14 JUILLET in 50ml or 100ml. This voucher is valid for one month.


We look forward to reading your reviews!

Once ordered and tested, do not hesitate to leave your opinions on the product page of the site. The customer experience is the most important thing for us, help us improve it as best as possible with your feedback!

You can also follow the Bastille adventure on Instagram and share your experience with us.


14 JUILLET , an eau de parfum created by Meabh McCurtin

Top notes: fireworks accord, tangerine, blackcurrant
Heart notes: labdanum, violet leaf, cinnamon
Base notes: vanilla *Fair For Life certified , benzoin, tonka bean

Natural, vegan and made in France eau de parfum.

Available in 15ml, 50ml or 100ml bottles.

Photo of Bastille eau de parfum in 100ml



Meabh McCurtin perfumer IFF 14 Juillet Bastille
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