Sea, sex & sustainability

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Come on, let's start with the bad news: on August 22, 2020, we will have consumed all of the resources that the planet is capable of producing in one year. A date which falls 3 weeks later than in 2019, “thanks” to global confinement. We grant you, it's not very encouraging - so to enjoy the beautiful season in complete conscience , we have prepared a small selection of green alternatives to your summer essentials .

Come on, into the water


After two months spent in a two-room apartment in Paris (or in a house in the provinces, for the lucky ones), we only want one thing: to return to the big blue sea. To accompany us, a swimsuit from MyMarini , just the right amount of retro. MyMarini thinks of everything: entirely made in Europe (within a radius of 600 km, to limit transport) from fiber from recycled fishing nets, the swimsuits are reversible and offer SPF 50 sun protection. Go ahead, we tell you, it’s not cold!

If like us, you are the type to get sunburned in Nord-Pas-de-Calais on March 15 (tmtc), we have what you need in the way of clean sunscreen. As you may know, the chemical components present in ordinary creams can be harmful to the ocean, especially corals . The solution was found at EQ Love , whose certified organic sun creams, with 100% mineral filters, protect both your skin and the marine environment. A nugget made in Biarritz tested and approved by Marie-Hortense, the founder of Bastille - rather from the March sunburn team.

For those who surf in winter (or in Brittany, it's the same), the French brand Sen No Sen offers an alternative to neoprene wetsuits.

Why replace neoprene? Because it comes straight from petroleum, its manufacture is extremely polluting and it is impossible to recycle. Sen No Sen replaces it with a natural rubber made from tree sap, Yulex. And that's it, all you have to do is learn to hold on to the board!

Rowse Need a quick shower after the big bath? Exit plastic: choose a soap and a solid shampoo! At Bastille, we particularly like those from Rowse , as beautiful as they are good, and which can come with a very practical little aluminum box to take them with you when out and about (if you've already tried solid shampoo, you know what we're talking about). speak).

Summer party

However, we had sworn not to buy anything from Zara since we took a look at the carbon footprint of fast fashion (and we came across three girls wearing the same dress as us in the evening). This time, it's the good one: we've made you a small selection of eco-responsible AND sexy brands, just to dress up your summer evenings.

Balzac For sandals, head to Balzac . Yes, yes, Balzac! You may not know them for their green commitment, and yet: they see fashion differently . Their manufacturing workshops are in the process of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification and their sandals are 100% vegan. Did you also only see leather there?

For those who are going to the French coasts and who need to cover themselves at nightfall, we recommend the “infinite jacket” from Hopaal , in collaboration with 1083 . Made in France, it is recycled, recyclable and infinitely returnable: in short, it beats all sustainability records - and it is unisex. We say well done.

What's better than a lipstick to make a splash at the beach bar? Easy. A vegan lipstick, without plastic, in which we keep the refillable box for life, and it's available at La Bouche Rouge . For those who are not a fan of red, it comes in many shades and you can even create your own.

To be green through and through, we recommend Héloïse & Abélard : a French jewelry house that creates jewelry from old diamonds and recycled gold. From there to suggesting a marriage proposal at the beach, there is only one step that we happily take.

We said sea, “sex” and sustainability

It's 2020: everyone has the right to be green and sexy, and for that we thank Nénés . French lingerie made from recycled fibers, which consume less water and emit less CO2; they are also Oeko-Tex and GRS certified. In short, their underwear respects your body and the planet. And if it ever takes you to the end of the night... we recommend Green Condom Club , condoms without toxic products. We can already see you laughing behind your screen, but frankly: you buy your organic bananas, right? So for the packaging, do the same.

And there you have it, you have all the cards in hand to enjoy the summer while protecting the planet . If everyone gets involved, the date of Global Overshoot Day could be pushed back from year to year, so don't hesitate to talk about it around you. We count on you !


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