A return to school 100% made in France

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What could be better than a return to school in the colors of France to support the know-how of our country ? To start September with a bang and help you change your consumption, we present to you around ten committed and Made in France brands which will be very useful to you for the start of the school year .


Woman dressed in hopaal clothing

There is the “I dress well for the start of school” team and the “as long as they see me as natural from the start” team. Here, I don't care about the team, you will find what you are looking for at hopaal, a small Biarotte brand that designs chic and casual clothing using recycled materials. And since they care about their ecological impact, their products are mainly made in France . Don't panic, what isn't done in France is always done less than 1000km away, a small feat in the world of fashion.

Go take a look at Kost , they have a selection of shoes made in France which are, let's just say, quite nice.

But, wait, there’s something missing there, right? Where are your underwear? Simply Lingerie takes care of that. In addition to being Made in France, they pay attention to the planet AND our health thanks to ecological dyes. No excuse to leave the store without purchases. We are fans.


a man and a woman carrying Valet de Pique brand bags

Back to school isn't back to school without... a new bag! And there, head to the Made in Paris bags from Valet de Pique . We grant you, it's not cheap but the quality is there and you will be able to strut to the office with your 100% Parisian bag . Besides, don't forget to slip in a water bottle to hydrate yourself all day long! We recommend the eco-designed and customizable French bottle from Gobilab . No more plastic bottles and cups. We opt for a beautiful reusable bottle.

Who says back to school, says computer and you have to protect it well. Maison Baluchon understands this well ! French brand with sustainable, artisanal and local manufacturing , you will find all kinds of computer bags: from the most classic to the most original. A little color and happiness at the start of the school year, we say yes! And for those who prefer to take handwritten notes, we recommend Monsieur Papier: a brand of Breton stationery with quite playful designs. It's worth the detour !

Finally, the last accessory that we recommend in particular for latecomers: the watch! On this side, we recommend Routine, a French brand of Origine France Garantie certified watches which aims to relocalize the French watchmaking industry ! Eco-designed to last and be repaired, Routine watches will stay on your wrist for a long time.


Bataille Eau de Parfum

Head to the bathroom to get a makeover. I promise, it won't take long. Especially with a lipstick from La Bouche Rouge . A French and vegan brand that offers products that do not dry out the lips - the holy grail! For men, check out Ça Va Barber , your beard will thank you!

And then, if you want to perfume yourself without harming your health or the planet, you are in the right place: take a look at our site , discover our approach and find the perfume that suits you: French and unique, like you !

And There you go ! Here you are all in blue, white and red, dressed and ready for the start of the school year. Good recovery !


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