Layering: create a unique perfume in 5 minutes

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Does layering in cosmetics mean anything to you? This technique, which consists of layering several care products, has also become popular for perfumes. If you're already panicking at the thought of playing perfumer's apprentice, don't worry: it's easier than it seems.

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Olfactory layering, kesako?

Layering is an English word which means “ superposition ”. Very trendy for several years in perfumery, this technique comes straight from the Middle East. The goal is simple: to create a unique and different fragrance every day by layering several perfumes - just to be able to say that you really smell like no other!

We like to say that there are no rules in layering: try every possible combination, fail and start again until you like it. That said... we still have some simple tips to give you, just to avoid the fashion faux pas.

Successfully layering in 4 steps

  1. As a general rule, it is advisable to choose “simple” perfumes , that is to say without too many different notes. For what ? Because the fewer notes there are to layer, the more likely you are to have a nice final result.

  2. Preferably choose perfumes of the same concentration : two eau de Cologne or two eau de parfum . Otherwise, you risk having one which completely takes precedence over the other, at the risk of no longer feeling much.

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  3. Apply the headiest perfume first . For example, if you want to combine a gourmand scent with a fresh scent that will be naturally lighter, spray the gourmand, then the fresher one.

  4. If you want to go a little further, try combining opposite scents : like the colors of the color wheel, opposites enhance each other! To help you a little: gourmands (like Un Deux Trois Soleil ) go well with fresh perfumes, spicy with sweet, fruity with floral and of course "feminine" with "masculine" (you know what what we think at Bastille: the genre has no smell ... and you have to know how to break away from marketing clichés to find your olfactory identity!).

And there you have it, we told you everything! If you have a few bottles lying around on your shelf, go for it. See layering as a fun art : try it and if it doesn't suit you, keep your solo perfume!


Photo: Coralie Frébourg | Unknown | Margaux Corda


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