Stones, essential oils: the astonishing power of holistic ritual

May 18, 2021Maëlys Préau0 comments

If we had been told in March 2020 that we would be confined for so long, we would never have believed it. And yet, we have been living in stress for more than a year, most of us teleworking, without permission to go and clear our minds. At this time, it is therefore essential that you listen to your body and help it relax!

The good news is that there are simple solutions . Today, we're teaming up with Jil, the founder of Holi Editions to talk to you about the power of stones and essential oils on your mind. Does this intrigue you? We explain to you why it is so effective, and we give you 3 tailor-made rituals to spend 2021 in style.

Stones as a holistic ritual

The benefits of stones on the mind are little known in Europe, in particular because they are difficult to understand for our Cartesian minds. Besides, we can see you from here: you are surely skeptical. However, holistic rituals around stones have been practiced by many populations for thousands of years, and are an integral part of conventional medicine in many Asian countries. So, myth or reality?

How it works ?

orange stones

Stones are energy sources that come from the earth , just like us. They can therefore have an influence on our emotions and sometimes on our little ailments. This may seem absurd, but think of it in this sense: every day, our body absorbs minerals, essential to our balance. The stones emit vibrations which stimulate these minerals and cause small changes in your body.

Does that still seem unthinkable to you? Okay, okay. Take quartz watches for example. This stone is used in watchmaking because when an electric current passes through it, it emits perfectly regular vibrations (32,000 per second, for those who are curious) which cause the hands to rotate with unrivaled accuracy. So if a stone can operate a watch mechanism thanks to its vibrations, it can certainly influence our body thanks to these same vibrations.

How to choose them?

But there you have it: there are dozens of stones . How to find the one that suits you? According to Jil, the founder of Holi Editions, to know which stone is right for you you need to test several and let your body speak: if you feel better wearing a particular stone, keep it , it's the one. Good ! To choose even more simply, stay with us: we have prepared a short guide for you at the end of the article, with 3 suggested rituals that are suitable for all those who want to free themselves from anxiety or regain energy.

How to use the stones?

Whether raw, cut, jewelry or decoration, stones will only have an effect if they are close to you. You can therefore leave them on your desk if you work there often, on your bedside table at night, or carry them with you, in your pocket or as jewelry, as the Holi Editions brand offers with its sublime creations.

Remember to recharge them all the same! Since the stones are filled with energy , they discharge as they are used and some also absorb negative energies. 3 options are available to you for recharging stones:

Purple stones
  • The first is simply to pass them under water , imagining all the bad vibes flowing away with the water. Be careful with this method which is not made for all stones. Some are very porous and therefore not resistant to water: this is the case with malachite for example.

  • You can also purify your stones by fumigation using Palo Santo or sage. These are two superb ingredients in niche perfumery - for example, you can discover the virtues of sage in our perfume Demain Promis .

  • Finally, you can recharge them during the Full Moon , by putting them in a small dish in the light during the night, softer than that of the sun. The next morning, your stones will be ready to use!

If you want the technique of a pro: Jil first runs them in water to eliminate all bad energies, then recharges them at the Full Moon. A perfect combo to straighten your stones .

How to combine stones with essential oils?

It's not just stones that have an impact on our well-being, essential oils also act on our emotions . We also wrote an entire article on this subject: to find out more, click here. Today, more and more perfumers are integrating this dimension into perfumes. Besides, we are working on it right now at Bastille...

Essential oils can be used in several ways : pure, diluted in vegetable oil or diffused. You can therefore easily integrate them into your holistic rituals or your meditation to add an additional dimension: that of olfaction.

On the other hand, still avoid perfuming your stones . Some are porous and others don't like alcohol. For an optimal olfactory dimension, choose a diffuser instead!

Three flavors

3 simple rituals to feel better

Do you want to embark on the holistic adventure but you don't know where to start? Don't panic, we'll reveal our well-being secrets to you:

  • If anxiety is your current enemy, turn to amethyst and true lavender . Wear amethyst as jewelry, around your neck or wrist, to find inner calm. In your living room, it will soothe tension while in the bedroom, it will promote sleep. As for real lavender, it will instantly soothe you. You can diffuse it around the house, apply it to your wrists, or use it as a pillow mist. Peace of mind is yours!

  • If you need to stock up on energy , head to the tiger's eye stone and citrus essential oils (lemon, bergamot, grapefruit). The tiger's eye reflects negative energies towards the person who emits them and brings you motivation, courage, passion and creativity. Coupled with stimulating citrus essential oils, you will be bursting with energy!

  • Finally, whether you are teleworking, in the office or at school, you probably need concentration . This time, Rock Crystal and black spruce essential oil will be your allies. On the program: no more fatigue and gloom and hello brain stimulation! Place the stone on your desk, within your line of vision, and diffuse the essential oil around the room.

And There you go ! You have all the cards in hand to set up your holistic rituals . Do not hesitate to come back to us if you have any questions, we will be there to answer them!


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