How to preserve your perfume?

Apr 16, 2020Marie-Hortense Varin0 comments

To begin with, you may not be aware of it but know that your perfume is alive . It contains raw materials which play with each other once enclosed in your bottle: they chat, they get a little closer, sometimes a lot - like us in real life. And for raw materials, the best way to get closer is to create a chemical interaction. Know for example that there has historically been a big crush between vanilla and orange blossom: these two love each other!



Some like it hot

Certain atmospheres encourage connections between raw materials (well, again like us in real life). And the ideal dance floor for the ingredients of our perfumes is a very warm, very humid and very bright atmosphere. So, if you want to calm things down, we advise you to avoid putting your perfumes on a window sill in your bathroom. Instead, choose a place away from light, in their original packaging or even, why not, in the refrigerator.

What about natural perfumes?

Bastille perfumes are composed of 95% materials of natural origin and are without stabilizers: they are therefore still a little more sensitive to light, heat and humidity than classic perfumes. But don't worry, you can keep them for at least 18 months! After the first opening of the bottle, the small interactions between raw materials that we were talking about do not affect the quality of the perfume at all. They can affect its colour, and possibly its smell, which can change very slightly over time, without ever changing completely of course. In other words, natural perfume is like a fine wine : it is kept away from light, and improves over time!


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