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Take a minute to answer a few questions and receive a personalized recommendation. No more hours spent running around the stores looking for an original perfume: with Bastille, sign your personality with the fragrance that suits you.

Why this questionnaire?

Because you're probably tired of being recommended very sweet perfumes if you're a woman, or very classic if you're 60 years old.

Beautiful perfumery is above all free! All that matters is your tastes and your personality. This is why we decided to help you find that rare gem, without you being influenced by marketing clichés.

Finally, for those who are more undecided, our discovery box is your best option. You will discover our collection of 7 unisex, vegan and natural perfumes, in sample version. Each one being very different, you have every chance of finding what you are looking for there!

And since good news never comes alone, thanks to your box you benefit from a €30 reduction voucher on the purchase of your 50 or 100ml bottle. Check it out here:


PS: if you have any questions, need advice or simply want to talk to us, do not hesitate to contact us by email at hello@bastilleparfums.com or on our Instagram account @bastille_parfums . We will be happy to answer you!

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