Bastille wins the responsible innovation prize!

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We could give you a long speech explaining to you how moved, delighted, and proud we were to win this prize last October, so much so that we began the second confinement on a cloud (well, OK, it didn't last).

But we found it more interesting to tell you exactly what this prize is about , and above all, why we won it among 4 excellent finalists!

The FiFi Awards: what are we talking about?

The Fragrance Foundation Awards, affectionately nicknamed "FiFi Awards" by professionals, are the most sought-after award in perfumery . They are awarded each year by the Fragrance Foundation, an international association where the leaders of perfumery sit: from the largest groups, to the most confidential houses.

Every year, the Fragrance Foundation (FF) awards coveted prizes in each country: best launch, best bottle, best men's perfume, etc.

What does this have to do with responsible innovation?

Well, so far, not much. The FF rewarded perfumes, bottles and launches... But this year, the French FF decided to create a new prize : that of responsible innovation, which rewards more sustainable perfumery. At Bastille, we are very proud that this progress is Made in France !

And to leave nothing to chance, this new prize was awarded by a jury of CSR experts: enough to ensure that the applications would be evaluated closely, and with the right perspective.


On what criteria did Bastille shine?

Among the four finalists (the competition was serious, we assure you!), the jury had to choose the one who had the most coherent and impactful sustainable approach . At Bastille, our commitments to the care taken in sourcing ingredients , their processing, and the local and responsible manufacturing of our packaging hit the mark, as did our membership in 1% for the Planet - which we will talk to you about very soon. And it is also, of course, our approach to radical transparency regarding our ingredients that has made the difference!

And now ?

The Oscars? We're kidding. This award obviously made us very happy, but it obliges us just as much. To move forward towards ever more commitments, transparency, and education to explain our way of doing things.

Do you have any ideas for challenging us in this direction? Share them in comments!

Source: The Fragrance Foundation France


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