The essential oils that will save 2021

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We were delighted to leave 2020 behind us, but we have to admit it: 2021 is shaping up to be a remake. If like us, you are already tired 10 days after the holidays , we share with you our miracle solution to find pep in the heart of winter: essential oils .

Even if you are a newbie, you have surely already heard about the benefits of these oils on your daily life. Today, Bastille is teaming up with Medene , a brand of 100% organic essential and vegetable oils to explain everything to you! Follow us, we'll tell you more here 👇

Essential oils: back to basics

An essential oil, or essence, comes from the distillation of a plant . Imagine: armfuls of flowers are heated with water in a large still. The water vapor created mixes with the odorous molecules of the plant, and everything is transformed into ultra-concentrated oil . This oil is used to create perfumes... but it sometimes also has therapeutic properties. To benefit from them, we use these oils in several ways: for internal or external use, diluted or not, in diffusion, in massage, in inhalation... and even in your bath (3 drops of lavender essential oil + 1 bath hot = nirvana). All this by having the right dosage and paying attention to contraindications in order to avoid any adverse effects, which are much less fun for our health. Medene therefore advises always diluting essential oils : for example in a vegetable oil for application to the skin, or in honey to ingest them...

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Massage in a bottle

Olfactotherapy is a natural method that uses essential oils to act on your emotions. Thanks to this technique, essential oils allow you to better manage your stress, improve your sleep, gain motivation and even keep some of your 2021 resolutions such as “this year, I stop drinking 5 coffees a day ".

Concretely, how does it work?

Smell is a somewhat special sense because, unlike the others, it is directly linked to the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memories. This is why certain smells can bring back memories: this is often the case with almonds which remind you of your childhood , cut grass, sea air, etc. It's the magic of smells.

Your first aid kit 2.0 (2.1)

Ready to try the adventure? Here are our recommendations for essential oils to diffuse at home, or to apply diluted to your wrists:


- True lavender: ultra famous, lavender acts on anxiety, stress and sleep disorders. Ideal before going to sleep.
- Black spruce: need a boost ? Black spruce essential oil is neurotonic: its fresh, camphorous smell helps to invigorate your mind.
- Bergamot: it is the essential oil of smiles, joy of life and good humor. In short, the anti-2020 essential oil.
- Ylang Ylang: it reassures and relaxes, and its monoi scent will immediately remind you of the holidays.
- Sweet orange: essential oil of conviviality, it also allows you to stay focused. The equivalent of your morning coffee, but healthier.

To start at home, sit back, get comfortable, and choose an intention. It could be “I want to let go”. Breathe in the essential oil of your choice either above the bottle, using a diffuser or by applying it to your wrist after diluting it in a little vegetable oil (almond or jojoba). Relax...and enjoy the moment.

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Of course, essential oils are also well known for their therapeutic effects . You can use them diluted to apply to the wrists or massage. This is the case with Ravintsara, a powerful antiviral that is very useful during this period! Wintergreen is a good anti-inflammatory, Helichrysum heals and Basil helps treat digestive disorders. In short, don't hesitate to ask, essential oils work miracles !

PS: as a general rule, we strongly advise against essential oils for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and people with asthma. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor if you are in one of these cases.


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