Advice from a perfumer: how to wear perfume?

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We bet you've never wondered how to wear perfume .

“Well, it’s simple: you press it, it comes out, and presto, you smell good.” Certainly, it's a good start... But if you want your perfume to diffuse irresistibly and for as long as possible, you will have to follow our advice. Are you ready ?

Tip #1: Know Your Scent

man looking at his perfume

Before we reveal our tips for making your perfume last all night , you need to make sure you know the concentration of your perfume in order to know how much to use.

From an eau de toilette to an eau de parfum , the quantity to spray will in fact be completely different . An eau de toilette is much less concentrated than an eau de parfum, so it may not last as long. Lighter, you can also be more generous with the quantities, even if it means re-perfuming yourself during the day!

For an eau de parfum, 3 sprays are generally enough to last all day, unless they are very fresh and citrusy perfumes, which are generally more volatile. Finally, when it comes to perfume extracts, go sparingly: they're so concentrated that just one drop can be enough - and more can sometimes result in a fragrance faux pas.

Tip #2: Be light-handed

You will have understood, there is no point in using tons of it : you will just succeed in making your neighbor sneeze on the bus (and you might as well tell yourself that this is not the time), without any guarantee that your perfume will last. until evening . Perfume is a little luxury in a bottle , so if we can avoid wasting it, all the better! To get maximum magic with minimum perfume, simply spray your fragrance about 10-20cm from your skin - and above all, in the right place.

Tip #3: Spray on Hot Spots

Battle perfume in the hollow of the neck

“Perfume yourself where you want to be kissed.” -Gabrielle Chanel

The thing to remember is that it's heat that diffuses your scent . It is therefore preferable to apply perfume on the hot spots of your body : your wrists, in the hollow behind your ears (our favorite place), in the folds of your elbow or even... behind the knees. Guaranteed results! We call these hot spots “pulsation points” , quite simply because their heat comes from our blood circulation: in fact, you can feel your heart beating there...

You can also apply perfume over your moisturizer because the perfume generally lasts longer on an oily substance. On the other hand, be careful to use a fragrance-free cream to avoid altering the scent of your beloved scent - that would be a real shame.

In the " don't " category: be careful not to rub the perfume with your wrists or hands (you know, that gesture that we all tend to do when we put perfume on our wrists...). This disrupts the raw materials and prevents the scent of your perfume from unfolding correctly... We assure you, it's not great.

Furthermore, there is also no point in re-perfuming yourself 6 times during the day - unless your loved one confirms that you (really) no longer smell anything. If you no longer smell your perfume after wearing it for a very long time, that's normal!

Smell, like most senses, works “economically”. Its primary function is to inform us about the world around us and more particularly about potential dangers. So when the brain considers that the smell does not mean danger, it no longer pays attention to it - it prefers to focus on unfamiliar smells.

So what to do in this case? It's quite simple: do a little disloyalty to your perfume ! Change the scent for a week and you will see, your nose will decondition and when you wear it again we promise you a magnificent reunion.

Tip #4: Perfume your clothes

woman from behind taking off her t-shirt Maybe you already do it? We advise you to perfume the inside of your coat or your scarf - especially in winter, since with the cold the perfumes tend to last less and diffuse less . You will see, with the outside wind or when you take off your coat, you will get a beautiful scent to charm your neighbor through their mask... It makes you want it, right?

Furthermore, perfuming clothing also gives people who have sensitive skin or who cannot tolerate alcohol the opportunity to enjoy their favorite scent.

A little advice that applies in particular to pregnant women: check the condition of your skin before applying perfume . If your skin is healthy and you use small amounts of perfume, you can go for it. On the other hand, if your skin is weakened by itching, pimples, stretch marks, rashes, etc. which are common during pregnancy, avoid putting perfume on your skin and perfume your clothes instead.

Also remember to check that the color of your juice is not darker than your fabric before spraying it. Certain ingredients contained in perfumes actually produce more or less dark juices which can stain. So to avoid unpleasant surprises: don't spray your perfume directly on your favorite little white silk top !

Finally, you should also know that not all textiles cling and diffuse odors in the same way . Synthetic fabrics, for example, diffuse odors much less well and can also modify them. It is therefore better to spray your perfume on natural fiber fabrics such as wool, cotton or cashmere than on polyester or viscose... Your perfume will thank you (and the planet too, for that matter).

Tip #5: Try the perfume cloud

Another technique that works just as well if you absolutely do not want to put perfume on your skin (remember, it remains the best method): the perfume cloud . In short, it's simply a matter of spraying your perfume in front of you to form a cloud and slipping into it to be perfumed delicately and evenly - princess effect guaranteed. If, however, you're willing to leave a good portion of your bottle there, because you'll need a lot of sprays to get your sillage to feel.

Tip #6: Avoid Hair

woman lying on the edge of a bed with her hair hanging down We know that putting perfume on your hair is super tempting. But unfortunately, this technique is far from recommended. Since perfumes contain alcohol, they will tend to dry out your hair and irritate your scalp. So if you like to perfume your hair, we recommend alcohol-free mists specially designed for hair.

And for those who can't stop spraying perfume in their hair - we see you! -, here's a little tip that will help you avoid damaging them too much: spray your perfume in your brush or on your comb and not directly on your hair . You will avoid direct contact with the alcohol spray and it will be less damaging to your hair.

Tip #7: Discover the Night Scent

What if we made the fun last until dawn? Perfume yourself in the evening before going to bed : spray your favorite perfume on your pillow or do like Marylin Monroe, sleep naked with a few drops of your favorite fragrance.

And you, do you ever wear perfume before going to sleep ?

In short, you now have all the cards in hand to prolong the pleasure and make your favorite perfume last as long as possible. All you have to do now is practice: on your marks, spray… go!

And for those who are still looking for their favorite perfume, don't hesitate to discover our perfumes and also find all our advice for choosing the right one through this article !

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  • Merci pour les infos sa vas mettre tres utile et je me parfume toujours avant de me coucher malgré mes 70 ans

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    Je vous inviterai à notre mariage. Promis !

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  • Très instructif ! On pense souvent savoir de quoi il retourne, mais en vrai on n’en sait pas grand chose au final.
    Merci !

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  • Oui, j’ai l’habitude de mettre du parfum avant de dormir. En revanche, autant qu’une femme musulmane, je mets jamais du parfum en sortant car c’est interdit en Islam 🌸

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  • Bon vous m’avez convaincu!! J’ai la covid en ce moment, donc perte d’odorat, dès que je le retrouve je vous commande la boîte d’échantillons pour fêter ça!! Peut-être trouverais-je le parfum que je cherche depuis toujours!!


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