Perfumed interview: meeting the perfumer Nicolas Beaulieu

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“I became a perfumer for the love of simple, everyday smells.” - Nicolas Beaulieu

Nicolas beaulieu perfumer at IFF

Today, we take you to meet Nicolas Beaulieu , perfumer at IFF who created two eau de parfums from the collection: Paradis Nuit , our woody amber and Bataille , our woody incandescent .

Bold and passionate , discover his story, his journey, his inspirations for the creation of Bataille and Paradis Nuit and the challenges he encountered when composing natural perfumes .

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The journey and inspirations of Nicolas Beaulieu

Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your background?

I grew up in the countryside, in Seine et Marne, far from the flower fields of Grasse! But I was lucky enough to meet a guidance counselor at high school who told me about the profession of perfumer and the ISIPCA*: I had found my path! So I applied to ISIPCA, which I joined on a work-study basis in quality control at IFF.

Once I graduated, I was selected to join IFF’s in-house perfumery school which had just reopened… And there you have it!

* ISIPCA is a French school of higher studies in perfumery, cosmetic products and food flavor formulation, with an apprenticeship period in the industry. It was founded in 1970 by Jean-Jacques Guerlain.

What ultimately made you want to become a perfumer?

The love of simple smells , those of everyday life.

What are your inspirations?

First of all, the ingredients but also the emotions provoked by a moment or a taste experience.

How do you manage to transcribe words, an inspiration or a memory into a perfume?

This is the magic of my job!

We feel the raw materials . Personally I believe in synesthesia: olfaction gives me impressions of texture, colors... It's an important source of inspiration!

Do you have an olfactory signature? If yes which one ?

Hard to say… you’d have to ask the people who work with me!

Nicolas Beaulieu and Bastille…

What are the challenges of composing perfumes with 95% natural ingredients?

When I created Bataille pour Bastille, this concept of a 95% natural perfume was completely new to me . So I had to completely rethink my way of formulating! Quite a challenge but I love challenges.

What did you like/like about the Bastille adventure?

A strong concept, in keeping with the times, but without compromising creation or quality.

Can you describe to us in 3 words the Bataille perfume that you signed at Bastille?

Battle : Hot, racy, tension

Bataille - Eau de parfum - Bastille

What did Bataille's brief inspire you when it was presented to you?

I immediately thought of the Burning Man gathering in the US : the arty atmosphere, with this alternative and inclusive side... The idea of ​​a spicy patchouli, both hot and cold, then emerged.

Burning Man Festival

Can you describe to us in 3 words the Paradis Nuit perfume that you signed at Bastille?

Paradis Nuit : reassuring, captivating, sensual


What did the Paradis Nuit brief inspire you when we presented it to you?

This is the painting “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh. When the night is more alive and colorful than the day ” he said.

Like the stars flooding the sky with their soft and serene hues, the cassia flower illuminates the fragrance with its reassuring light on the captivating and sensual heart of New Caledonian sandalwood combined with bitter cocoa. A mysterious fragrance between addiction and exotic florality .


And we end this fragrant interview with these last 3 questions:

For you, a perfume is…

An olfactory emotion.

And a perfumer is…

A magician of smell.

Finally, what is your motto?

You have to be happy to create beautiful things.

The olfactory portrait of Nicolas Beaulieu

We now move on to the olfactory portrait . Let's go !

Your personality in 3 words? Passionate, friendly, reliable.

Your first olfactory memory? Arpège by Lanvin that my grandmother wore.

A smell you hate? None !

A smell you love? Can we give two? Cut grass and clean laundry.

A favorite raw material that you like or would like to work with? Sandalwood

An original association? I like unexpected associations. I recently tasted Beaufort ice cream: a powerful and incredible sweet and savory treat!

A legendary perfume? Aromatics Elixir, Clinique

Natural, synthetic or both? Both, of course!


So ! Now you know Nicolas Beaulieu like the back of your nose .

To discover the perfume interviews of other perfumers who have signed Bastille perfumes, go to the "Perfume Interviews" section of our blog - they arrive very quickly, a little patience!


Photos: Michael Avedon


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