Paradis Nuit, the new Bastille eau de parfum

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Paradise night, new perfume

A new olfactory chapter opens for Bastille: Paradis Nuit , a mysterious skin fragrance . Between addiction and exotic florality. A fragrance where the depth of sandalwood and the warmth of bitter cocoa mingle with the comforting light of Marseille soap accord and cassia flower. An invitation to sensual and reassuring skin-to-skin contact.


A bewitching night

Paradise Night universe

The night belongs to me, it is in my hands. I love its mystery, its depth, its always surprising and sometimes light encounters, its parties, its laughter, the music and dance, the colors and the muted light that inhabit it. The night is an elusive enigma into which I dive with pleasure.

It is my paradise... the setting of my dreams, a land of seduction... Some say it is dark, yet it is full of stars, promises and hopes. Everything is possible, everything is permitted, even the power to reinvent oneself.

Paradis Nuit is unclassifiable. Perfume of the forbidden, scent of passion, smell of audacity, breath of escape, scent of play or aroma of appeasement, Paradis Nuit embodies these nights which are unlike any other, everyone can make it their own and make it their own. live according to your desires.


A mysterious skin scent

Paradis Nuit belongs to the Woody Ambrés olfactory family .

To further disturb, Paradis Nuit reveals its first notes on a clean, soothing Marseille soap accord, recognizable among a thousand and one promises of comfort. An agreement that relieves all the tensions of the day like a reset.

All in voluptuousness, the cassia flower illuminates, like a sparkling star in the night sky, this sensual and intense trail of its vibration, sometimes luminous, powdery and delicate, sometimes carnal or even animal.

On the captivating heart of New Caledonian sandalwood, bitter cocoa infuses its dense and warm deliciousness in a mixture of sweetness and heat...

The perfumer's words

Nicolas Beaulieu perfumer Paradis Nuit

It was Nicolas Beaulieu who signed Paradis Nuit.

Nicolas was inspired by Van Gogh's painting, “ The Starry Night”. Deep nights, suspended and magical moments when “the night is more alive and colorful than the day” as Van Gogh said.

“Like the stars flooding the sky with their soft and serene hues, the cassia flower illuminates the fragrance with its reassuring light on the captivating and sensual heart of New Caledonian sandalwood combined with bitter cocoa. A mysterious fragrance between addiction and exotic florality. »

Paradis Nuit eau de parfum in 3 words according to Nicolas Beaulieu : warm, woody, enveloping.

Watch the entire video interview with Nicolas Beaulieu on Paradis Nuit .

Discover the olfactory portrait of Nicolas Beaulieu.

A fragrance that respects its environment

Paradis Nuit is made up of 95% natural ingredients . It has been formulated to fully respect your skin. Its formula is short: it contains 53 ingredients, each one chosen by the creator of the perfume, Nicolas Beaulieu.

Our partner LMR by IFF works with local producers around the world to provide perfumers with pure, natural, transparent and sustainable ingredients that redefine quality standards.

So for sandalwood essence, LMR has set up a sandalwood nursery on the island of Lifou in New Caledonia in order to preserve the island's natural resources. The objective is to minimize the environmental footprint by using renewable by-products as an alternative to fossil fuels. The development of this sandalwood platform guarantees:
- new jobs that young people in these small island communities desperately need
- a sustainable source of income, LMR Naturals works on fully traceable and transparent sandalwood production.

For cassia, LMR Naturals sources its cassia from a supplier located in Egypt. The latter has continued to develop new partnerships with local populations in remote regions, such as the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea coast, in order to promote a type of sustainable agriculture. In addition to his own land, this producer has managed to integrate networks of conventional and organic farmers across Egypt into his business, thus ensuring the livelihood of a vast network of small-scale farmers.

Paradis Nuit new natural fragrance

Color story

Paradis Nuit is adorned with carmine red.

A distinguished, deep color, with warm and mysterious accents, revealing the intensity of sandalwood and the mystery of a bewitching night suspended in time.

Sobriety and sensuality in unison.

Bastille, parfumeur de libertés

Bastille perfumer of freedoms

The French Perfume House Bastille, which has set itself the mission of giving meaning, freedom and originality to the perfumes we wear, welcomes a new creation, a new story in its collection of natural, desirable and sustainable perfumes, 100% Made in France.

By deploying new standards, by deciding on new commitments, Bastille surprises by rethinking Beauty and offers a liberating framework for perfumes - freedom of olfactory creation, bias towards singular fragrances, selection of raw materials around three fundamental criteria - traceability, quality and transparency for 95% natural notes concentrated in each fragrance without any controversial ingredients.

Test it at home before buying it

With our sample box , try Paradis Nuit at home through an astonishing guided experience. We explain how to smell them, apply them, and share their manufacturing secrets.

You will then receive a €30 voucher to order Paradis Nuit in 50ml or 100ml. This voucher is valid for one month.


We look forward to reading your reviews!

Once ordered and tested, do not hesitate to leave your opinions on the product page of the site. The customer experience is the most important thing for us, help us improve it as best as possible with your feedback!

You can also follow the Bastille adventure on Instagram and share your experience with us.


Paradis Nuit , an eau de parfum created by Nicolas Beaulieu

Top notes: neroli, petitgrain, Marseille soap accord

Heart notes: cassia flower, cedar, patchouli

Base notes: cocoa, sandalwood, hay

Natural, vegan and made in France eau de parfum.

Available in 15ml, 50ml or 100ml bottles.

Bastille natural fragrances


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