Comment bien sentir (et choisir) un parfum ?
Maëlys PréauMay 18, 20200 comments
Hint: not in thirty seconds in a crowded store.
Perturbateurs endocriniens : devenez incollable en 5 minutes
Marie-Hortense VarinMay 11, 20200 comments
Understand the essentials, in 5 minutes
Marie-Hortense VarinApr 16, 20200 comments
Perfume is like a fine wine: we take care of it so that it improves over time.
Parfum pour femme ou pour homme ? Pour les deux, pardi !
Marie-Hortense VarinApr 06, 20200 comments
Do perfumes really have a gender?
Demain Promis sur peau
Marie-Hortense VarinApr 01, 20200 comments
Perfume is alive, it's subtle, and its smell is influenced by a multitude of factors.